Adult Day Care Amenities in Greenacres FL

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Greenacres Adult Day Care, is able to accommodate varying senior needs. From 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, our center is open to provide care to elderly individuals. Many of them are unable to stay at home alone without supervision or at risk of falling down/health complications. Their safety at Greenacres Adult Day Care Center in Greenacres Florida, is insured – plus they have access to the following great amenities:

  • Welcoming Laughing Yoga
  • Skype Services
  • Salon Services On-site
  • Spacious Dining Area
  • Spacious Recreational Area
  • Exercise Area
  • Wheelchair accessible hallways
  • Bathrooms with Grab Bars
  • Gated Property for Security

Come, see the place for yourself! Take a tour to Greenacres Adult Day Care!

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