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In my 25 years of being in the healthcare profession the Greenacres Adult Day Care mission is my proudest endeavor.

Your Greenacres Center is where you will have a great feeling of community and hope for your loved ones. We are also offering services to patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

For your free tour of the Greenacres Adult Day Care Center in Greenacres Florida please call us.

Thank You,
Sandy Mistry
Vice President

Greenacres Adult Day Care, is fully committed to helping you stay healthy during your golden years. At the center you are able to maintain a social life during the day and go home to your families at night.

Having an active senior life is possible with all the healthy activities that we have planned at Greenacres Adult Day Care.

We provide quality supervised care at affordable costs. Medicaid covered seniors may attend our Adult Day Care Center in Greenacres Florida.

We also accept private pay through cash payments or credit cards.

Who Should Go to Greenacres Adult Day Care
We invite you or your elderly family member to stay at Greenacres Adult Day Care.  We accept seniors who are experiencing a decrease in their social, physical and mental functioning. The services may vary depending on the needs of the individual – this is why we provide personalized care and also create separate meal plans for clients who have diet restrictions.

Non-Discrimination Policy
We are an equal opportunity senior services provider. Our facility does not deny admission for seniors aged 60 and up based on race, color, religion, sexual preference, payment method, national origin and ethnic background.

Contact our Adult Day Care Center in Greenacres Florida!

6623 Forest Hill Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL 33413
Phone: 561-249-3856
Fax:   561-625-1078
Email: info@greenacresadultdaycare.com

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