Hair Care 101: Caring for a Senior’s Hair

We all love to look our best. And part in looking our best is doing our hair routine. Women are so particular with their hair routine. They have a lot of shampoos and other chemicals they put into their locks … Continue reading

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Depression in a Loved One

Every now and then, all of us get a little sad, there is absolutely no exception. However, there are those who are having it worse. In fact, what they have is a serious condition that needs attention. Depression can be … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Disease: Risk Factors and How to Deal With Them

Alzheimer’s is among the most common types of dementia, comprising to around 80 per cent of all dementia cases. It is recognized when the individual shows some problems in memory and thinking, resulting to some changes in behavior. When symptoms … Continue reading

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The Many Perks of Adult Day Care

There are actually quite a few different perks and benefits that can come from a top notch adult day care that many senior citizens will be able to enjoy. When you visit Greenacres Adult Day Care you will be greeted … Continue reading

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Why You Should Consider Adult Day Care

There are many different reasons why it is a good idea to keep into mind services such as adult day care. It might sound like something you may want to avoid, after all who would want to go to an … Continue reading

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