4 Benefits of Laughing Yoga for Seniors

4 Benefits of Laughing Yoga for Seniors

We all experience a good laugh once in a while that makes our tummies ache but our heads filled with happy hormones. Laughing, as has been said millions of times, is the best medicine. In the 1990s, laughing yoga was discovered and has since been widespread because of its positive impact on its practitioners. This said, everyone from all ages will benefit from laughing exercises. Here are its benefits to seniors:

  1. Laughing yoga will help bring youthfulness back.
    True, wrinkles may show wisdom and hardwork, but laughter will make you forget all your problems–even for just a little while.
  2. Laughing yoga is a good cardiovascular exercise with less stress on the body.
    When laughing, we increase oxygen intake and therefore increasing blood flow and lowering blood pressure while aiding in their mental health.
  3. Laughing yoga can alleviate sadness or depression.
    Seniors’ mental health may have evolved from their younger years and there may be some feelings of loneliness or depression now. With laughing yoga, it helps them become happier because of the release of endorphins (happy hormones) in the brain. Laughter is very contagious, so when someone laughs in the room, chances are, others will start laughing too
  4. Laughing yoga boosts the self-esteem.
    When you are smiling, you appear more confident, and this attracts people. Seniors who appear smiling look more youthful and more approachable.

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