Adult Day Care Centers Can Be Fun!

Adult Day Care Centers Can Be Fun!

If you are not sure about going to an Adult Day Care Center in Greenacres Florida to receive the help you need, this may change your mind. Greenacres Adult Day Care has many different kinds of activities that are fun and are a great way to make new friends. Also, we are dedicated to helping you improve your health and to help you maintain your independence as well! You cannot go wrong by visiting us.


We take a lot of pride in making your experience with us memorable and exciting. We have karaoke, salon days, games, and much more! When you come stay with us, we want you to have fun and to enjoy life rather than worrying about the small things. We also have some great exercise activities as well. These can be fun, and they are a good way to maintain your health and your strength!

Compassionate Care

While you are enjoying your time with us, we will ensure that you can receive personalized and compassionate care at your convenience, no matter the time! We know that getting older can present a number of challenges for you and make life harder, so it is our objective to help make things just a bit simpler for you every day.


If you are disabled or if you are just getting too old to drive, we can transport you. If you would like to come to our facility but you have no ride, you have nothing to worry about! We can come to you and pick you up if you are in the counties of West Palm Beach, Wellington, Lakewood, and Royal Palm Beach.

If our services sound good to you and you would like to learn more about how we are able to assist you, please give our website a visit for more information anytime. Also, if you have any questions that you would like to ask us, feel free to give us a call now at 561-249-3856. Adult day cares are without a doubt amazing places where you can meet new people and get the support you deserve!

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