3 Highly Recommended Mentally Stimulating Games for Seniors

3 Highly Recommended Mentally Stimulating Games for Seniors

Growing old does not have to be boring. You can still have a lot of fun despite your physical limitations. You can even play games and go on an adventure of you want.

At Greenacres Adult Day Care , a trusted adult day care center in Greenacres Florida , we encourage play among seniors. We have observed that giving them something to do or keeping them active helps increase not just their mental activity but it boosts their mood too.

Here are some games that your senior loved ones might enjoy at home or with their peers in our daycare centers:

  • Board Games
    One of the most loved board games by seniors is chess. They enjoy playing them game as it is mentally stimulating. It requires them to think of a strategy in order to win the game. Through chess, they can exercise their analytical skills.

    Another common board game that seniors enjoy is Scrabble. This is one game in particular that refreshes their memory and broaden their vocabulary skills. It requires their stocked knowledge.

  • Puzzles

    Another highly recommended game for seniors is playing puzzles. From complicated jigsaw puzzles to mind boggling word search puzzles, it will surely give them something to challenge their brains. This could also help them with their problem-solving skills. It also sharpens their memory as they try to put the puzzle pieces together.

    We highly encourage seniors to play puzzles in our daycare center . Some of them would answer crossword puzzles while some have fun on trying to perfect a jigsaw puzzle. The feeling they get upon completing a certain puzzle is just priceless. They do not only get an affirmation that they can still do it but they also get a sense of pride for doing things on their own.

  • Creative Arts

    If your senior loved ones love to draw, paint or simply listen to music, then this is a perfect way to stimulate the brain as well. It can help awaken their creative minds.

    Music, on the other hand, is said to lit up the brain by sending waves to the brain cells to keep them active. Thus, even by simply listening to music, it will already put their brain to work.

Some seniors can also be interested in playing or learning to play an instrument. This is another relaxing and mentally challenging activity . For one, they will learn new every day by playing a certain piece. Another is that their brain will be challenged to find ways on how to play the instrument or analyze the notes and tune.

Let your senior loved ones enjoy aging through games and other fun activities. We have it all at Greenacres Adult Day Care . For more details, you can visit our website www.greenacresadultdaycare.com or you can check our offices in West Palm Beach, Wellington, Lakewood, and Royal Palm Beach.

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