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3 Highly Recommended Mentally Stimulating Games for Seniors

Growing old does not have to be boring. You can still have a lot of fun despite your physical limitations. You can even play games and go on an adventure of you want. At Greenacres Adult Day Care , a … Continue reading

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Have Fun With Karaoke Singing: 3 Major Benefits For The Elderly

It is time to get serious with “do re mi” and “la la la” and let’s get down to business! Whenever people feel emotionally, physically or mentally drained, it is very common for most of them to head straight to … Continue reading

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What Senior Adults Really Expect From a Day Care Center

Let us accept the fact that not all seniors get giddy over the thought of day are centers. Some of them are pleased with it while there are also some who thinks that they are just left there by family … Continue reading

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Top Five Dangers In Leaving Seniors Alone At Home

In an age where most adults are professionals and families carry on with two-career settings, not only are children being left at home with sitters. Most seniors, parents or grandparents, are often left at home for the day, even, with … Continue reading

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Three Things To Remember When Taking Care of Elderly People

Caregiving is such a noble job. Not everyone has the compassionate heart and the able hands to give genuine service and extend responsible care to elderlies who are often very fragile and very emotionally sensitive. That is why for those … Continue reading

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