Have Fun With Karaoke Singing: 3 Major Benefits For The Elderly

3 Major Benefits For The Elderly

It is time to get serious with “do re mi” and “la la la” and let’s get down to business!
Whenever people feel emotionally, physically or mentally drained, it is very common for most of them to head straight to karaoke bars and just sing the night away!

Karaoke singing is indeed one of the most sought after activities of today. This famous way of having fun is for everyone – regardless of the gender, race or color – even for the tone-deaf and the gray-haired ones.
We at Greenacres Adult Day Care ensure that we are not left behind from all of these kinds of craze such as karaoke.

So while the whole world is making a fussed about it, we on the other hand, went further with the details of this fun activity and found out that singing karaoke can actually pose some significant health benefits to our elderly patients. Here’s why:

Relief from stress
It has been said that stress is the root of all diseases! Whether you agree with this or not, you know how stress can bring about negative effects to your body. If you are unable to manage it, it may lead to having heart and mental problems – serious illnesses that need medical attention!
The sad reality is that more often than not, people in their late adulthood stage often combat against different stressors surrounding them, including family and health issues. We at adult day care center in Greenacres Florida make sure that we keep all our patients as healthy as possible by helping them manage their stress effectively.

By managing stress, we mean taking control of the situation and not letting negative emotions get on the way. Therefore, we make karaoke singing – a regular fun activity we bring to the table- as part of our way to help elderly people in maintaining their composure amidst difficult situations. The positive vibe that comes out from doing karaoke singing – along with dancing, clapping and singing along – are big contributing factors for happy hormones to be released in the body to keep stress away!

It gives more oxygen for the blood
One thing is for sure, people grasp more air when they sing – especially when they try to hit the high notes!
Do you know that this common scenario is actually good for the body?
As you sing, you breathe in more air, allowing more oxygen to flow inside the body. Having enough supply of oxygen in the blood is important. This feeds the cells so that they could function well.
That is why activities like karaoke singing is good for the elderly – people who only breathe in little amount of air into their body due to the deteriorating condition of their lungs.

Stimulate neurons
If there’s one thing that elderly people should not forget to work hard on – that is to keep their mental health in good condition. Mental problems such as Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia are common among this group of people due to aging. To be honest, it is not an easy thing for these people to go through the whole thing– especially when the negative effects of it extend beyond their own families.

That is why it is one of our goals here at Greenacres Adult Day Care in West Palm Beach, Wellington, Lakewood and Royal Palm Beach to keep our elderly patients protected and safe always from all possible risks. Karaoke singing is just one of the simple ways that we let our patients do in our facility not just for enjoyment purposes but also for the brain. By following the rhythm, melody and lyrics of the song, more neurons in the brain are stimulated so that they can function well.

Who would have thought that this careless and customary way of having fun would turn out to be one of the big factors that can save many people from insanity? So the next time you go to karaoke bars, never forget to sing your heart out!

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