Three Things To Remember When Taking Care of Elderly People

Three Things To Remember When Taking Care of Elderly People

Caregiving is such a noble job. Not everyone has the compassionate heart and the able hands to give genuine service and extend responsible care to elderlies who are often very fragile and very emotionally sensitive. That is why for those who are currently providing care for elderlies whether as a family member or a hired professional caregiver, here are things to remember when caring for seniors:

1. Every elderly is unique and so are their needs.
We have to remember that though we have been taught on the proper ways on providing care for the elderlies, each of them has unique needs and we should be flexible enough to adapt to how they want to be cared for. We should always center on the person and not just on things we learned when it comes to caregiving.

2. Give respect and let them maintain their dignity.
The elderlies might be at a point in their lives when they are too dependent and sometimes helpless especially when it comes to basic things like grooming and feeding themselves. It is important that as care providers, we don’t lose our respect towards them. Let us help them maintain their dignity by not emphasizing their dependence on us but instead assisting them in everything they do without making a big deal out of it. We should make them feel that where they are right now is nothing to be ashamed of and that we are don’t think that they are less just because they are where they are.

3. Keep their lives private.
Since their dignity is important, it is our task then to help them keep their lives private. Whatever are their limitations or conditions, and whatever it is that we are doing for them should be kept inside the four corners of the room. Our loved ones or patients are private individuals so let us help them keep it that way.

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