Five Things That You Should Never Neglect About Elderly Isolation

Four  Things That You Should Never Neglect About Elderly Isolation

When people reach the age of 60 years old, the social aspects of their lives will start to become extinct. There will be fewer lunches with friends and no more social circle. The children have already married and are now busy with their own families. And sometimes, the most difficult would be having your spouse left ahead of you. So most elderlies succumb to loneliness whether at home or in some medical facilities. When they stay long in this state of isolation, there can be negative effects in their over-all state of health and these are things that we should watch out for.

1. Isolation has an effect on physical, emotional and mental health and can increase the risk of mortality.
With no one to care for and look after them, our elderly may not or will not take care of themselves properly. This includes eating the right food, exercising regularly, or going to doctors appointments. This could lead to deterioration of health. And with no one to talk to, they may develop depression and other mental illnesses. With no one they can share to, their condition may lead to more serious cases that can even lead to death.

2. Loneliness increases the risk of dementia and other cognitive illnesses.
We are social beings, and when that is taken from us, we no longer operate as we should. This causes our brain to make a major adjustment from what it is naturally wired to so it can adjust to the present condition. This could take a tool on an elderly’s physical and neurological system.

3. Marginalized seniors are more isolated.
Because of issues on acceptance and social stigma, seniors who belong to a marginalized group may feel more lonely than others and has an increased risk of developing physical and mental problems.

4. Isolated elderlies have a higher tendency to engage in unhealthy behaviors
Because of the lack of things to do, people to engage with, and loved ones to supervise them, isolated seniors have a higher tendency to practice unhealthy things like smoking and drinking. These things will lead to serious health problems and illnesses.

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