Top Five Dangers In Leaving Seniors Alone At Home

Top Five Dangers In Leaving Seniors Alone At Home

In an age where most adults are professionals and families carry on with two-career settings, not only are children being left at home with sitters. Most seniors, parents or grandparents, are often left at home for the day, even, with no one but themselves.

Though most seniors are still healthy at age 60 to 70, we cannot deny the fact that they are at higher risk of getting hurt when they are on their own. In fact, we have listed five dangers that are highly probable to happen when seniors are left at home.

1. They are likely to trip or slip.
When family members are busy to clean up and organize the home, the tendency is that there will be a lot of tripping hazards that may be left on the floor. Aside from that, bathrooms and kitchen spaces may not be thoroughly cleaned and dried after using. These things can heighten the risk of seniors to trip or slip.

2. They may lose balance and fall.
Some seniors who are starting to lose their sense of balance may lose grip of themselves while getting up or while moving around the house. Especially for seniors who still want to do some housekeeping tasks, the chances are higher for them to fall and injure themselves.

3. They may not eat of their food properly.
Even when food is already ready and just needs reheating, most seniors do not really enjoy eating at home alone. An added danger is when they would choose to binge eat and fill themselves on foods that are not allowed for them. This will lead to both under- and malnourishment which can lead to complications, especially at their age.

4. They might go outside of the house without assistance.
Some seniors who get really bored inside the house may decide to go out on their own. This is highly risky as anything may happen to them in the street or in other public places. Without a way of notifying you, they may end up not getting medical attention on time, that could lead to worse problems.

5. They might get lonely and get sick (-er).
Depression is brought about by chronic sadness or a feeling of despair. Negative feelings seem to be amplified in solitude. Depression is highly probable to seniors who are left with no one to talk to. This emotional and mental problem can lead to physical complications that are not good for their health.

If you cannot be there to care for the seniors in your home, it is best to take necessary precautions. You may ask for another relative to look after them when you are gone or ensure that the home has been thoroughly checked for safety before you leave. But even these things may not be sustainable even just for a short period of time.

If you are in the area, you can check and leave your senior loved ones in an adult day care center in Greenacres Florida. An adult day care center provides enough security, the right company, and the provision of other necessities like food, personal assistance, and companionship on day time when you are not around.

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