How to Help Older Adult Keep their Independence

How to Help Older Adult Keep their Independence

Martin Luther King Jr. helped the country open up her eyes towards a greater equality of every US citizens. Women were now allowed to vote; thanks to the efforts of activists and feminists movements and personalities like Susan B. Anthony. Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd president of the United States of America, was known for writing our country’s Declaration of Independence.

Many people have sacrificed their lives, possession, family, life and even their safety for others to gain a specific thingconcern everyone needs: independence. As a humans person, we are all entitled to be independent regardless of our color, beliefs, race, social status, and background.

These people mentioned above and among many others fought hard because they recognize the importance of independence for an individual. This independence is one that makes a person human as it helps promote a sense of pride and achievement. Such feelings prevent a human being from completely giving up on life.

For this reason, we need older adults to feel as independent as possible. And we do just that as an adult day care center in Greenacres Florida. Greenacres Adult Day Care wants our seniors to feel that they can do more even if they are already old to do things. That is why here in our center; we both promote and maintain independence for the older adults.

Promoting Independence

When we say we promote independence, it means that we provide opportunities for the elderly to maintain a good quality of life. Here in Greenacres Adult Day Care, we do just that by:

  • Encouraging the seniors to do stuff on their own.
  • Providing stretching and gentle exercises fit for the elderly.
  • Giving nutritious meals especially during:
    • Breakfast,
    • Lunch,
    • Dinner,
    • And even snacks time.
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle through:
    • Exercise,
    • Healthy diet,
    • Socialization with other older adults,
    • Laughter,
    • And many more activities.
  • Playing mental stimulation games.

Maintaining Independence

The promotion of independence is never complete if we do not take steps in maintaining the freedom of the seniors. For this reason, we:

  • Hire competent and excellent caregivers to provide care for the elderly here in our center.
  • Arrange for transportation services so that our clients can go to and from the center without bothering their family members.
  • Make our adult day care center in Greenacres, Florida safe and secure by installing:
    • Bathroom grab bars
    • Hand rails
    • Sufficient lighting

    Aside from that, we place furniture in a way that they will not get in our clients way.

  • Provide assistance such as:
    • Mmedication reminder, and
    • Medication management by competent healthcare professionals.

But senior independence does not have to be limited here in our center. We also encourage their family members in doing so by:

  • Letting the elderly do light house work
  • Allowing him or her to wash up on his or her own
  • Providing assistance only when necessary
  • Encouraging them to take on a hobby or an activity
  • Stepping back on certain activities
  • Not interfering too much on the things the senior wants to do

Independence in seniors means a lot to them. It allows the elderly to do the things they want with less supervision. In doing so, we are changing the lives of the older adult for the better. And if we continue doing the same, we give them a chance to live life to the fullest and experience it in its finest.

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How do you maintain the independence of the older member of the family? Share your thoughts with us.


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